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Probate Litigation

Caffrey & Obeid, P.C.’s team of attorneys has a great deal of expertise to deliver inventive and creative solutions to your probate dispute. Our firm has experience probating estates of all sizes and degrees of complexity. Our goal is avoid litigation and to reach an agreeable and amicable solution. Disagreements and litigation can strain families and cause lasting damage. We understand that probate and trust administration can lead to expensive court contests, which can result in the loss of money and time.  Additionally, here at Caffrey & Obeid, P.C., we appreciate the importance of family and dynamics that shape those relationships.  Therefore, we try to avoid litigation and we attempt to negotiate towards a satisfactory resolution for all parties. However, when it becomes necessary, we vigorously fight for you, in order to protect your interests. 

We offer legal services for the following:

   • Will contests
   • Cy près petitions
   • Contested guardianships
   • Petitions for partition of real estate
   • Claims of fiduciary malfeasance
   • Undue Influence
   • Removing of executor

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